Xiamen Xinheng Automation Equipment


FANUC, also known as FANUC, is the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of factory automation equipment and robots, one of the most famous companies in Japan. With a history of more than 50 years, FANUC now has 13 subsidiaries worldwide. FANUC has established subsidiaries in the United States in cooperation with GE (general electric) and GM (general motors) and achieved great success in the north American market. Now these companies have become wholly owned subsidiaries of FANUC. FANUC’s subsidiaries in Europe and Asia have also achieved excellent performance in local markets.

FANUC’s products mainly include CNC machine tool control system (CNC), intelligent robot and intelligent mechanical equipment. Among them, CNC products have been the first in the global market share for many years, and robots have been the top three in the global market share for many years. FANUC’s products are widely used in various industries of industrial manufacturing and are highly favored by customers all over the world.