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The programmable controller produced by SIEMENS of Germany is also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, printing production line and other fields. SIEMENS PLC products include LOGO, s7-200, s7-300, s7-400, industrial network, HMI man-machine interface, industry, etc. Siemens S7 series PLC is small in size, fast in speed, standardized, with network communication capability, stronger in function and higher in reliability. S7 series PLC products can be divided into miniature PLC (such as s7-200), small-scale PLC (such as s7-300) and medium and high performance PLC (such as s7-400). 1. SIMATIC s7-200 plcs7-200 PLC is a super small PLC, it is suitable for all walks of life, all kinds of occasions in automatic detection, monitoring and control. The powerful function of s7-200 PLC enables it to realize complex control functions regardless of single machine operation or connected network. S7-200PLC can provide 4 different basic models and 8 kinds of CPU to choose from. 2. SIMATIC s7-300 plcs7-300 is a modular small PLC system that can meet medium performance requirements for applications.

Best system for various tasks – Siemens automation system

Demand for advanced machinery and equipment is steadily increasing in all industries. Siemens automation system can not only meet all requirements, but also significantly improve production efficiency, production flexibility and cost effectiveness.